Tamko Heritage Laminated Asphalt Shingles

30 YR.

HP Heritage PremiumShingles

H Heritage Shingles

Oxford Grey               H

Rustic Cedar              HP H

Rustic Hickory           H

Weathered Wood           HP H

Rustic Black             HP H

Old English Pewter     HP H

Rustic Slate           HP H

Harvest Gold               H

Rustic Brown               HP

Rustic Redwood              HP

Rustic Evergreen          HP

Natural Timber           HP H

Thunderstorm Grey      HP H

Black Walnut              HP H

Painted Desert           H

Mountain Slate           HP H

Tamko Elite Glass-Seal 3-Tab Fiberglass Asphalt Shingles

25 YR.

Antique Slate

Empire Green Blend

Rustic Hickory

Oxford Grey

Rustic Cedar

Tweed Blend

Tile Red Blend

Weathered Wood

Grey Blend

Rustic Black

Rustic Slate


Roofing Accessories and Upgrades

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Ridge vent


Plastic Turtles Vents

Metal Turlte Vents

Power Attic Vents

Solar Power Attic Vents

Soffit Vents

Rubber Pipe Jacks

Lead Pipe Jacks

Exhaust Caps

Meter Mast

Ice and Water Barrier

Valley Metal


Drip Edge

Chimney Chase Cover

(Flat Roof Systems)

(Impact Resistant Shingles)

(Designer Shingles & Tiles)