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Fence Design

Let us help you with your fence decision by providing you with the correct look and fence design that your home needs. There are multiple combinations and options for your fence.

Let our fence experts help you find the right custum combinations for you and your home. We do it right the first time.

Fence Materials

Along with our standards for our crew leaders and workers, we expect the same from our fence suppliers. While most fence companies look for a great deal on products we look for great quality in the materials. With the different options of fence will come different grades of material. Most fence suppliers in this industry are driven to supply the market with sub-par fence materials. As our company has grown and gained fencing knowledge so has our standards for better quality fencing material.

Fence Cost

The basic back yard fence project should range from $15 - $45 per linear foot. Wood privacy fencing is considered to be the fence of choice for the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. For the least expensive fence cost you can use spruce wood fencing material. We have all options to match your budget.

Fence Installation

To install a fence with proper design at an effective cost you need to have an experienced work force. We have had the same work force since 1996 and with very little change. Capitol Roofing & Construction LLC. works hard to have as little turn over within our company as possible. With experienced fence crews in place and proper workmanship we can provide great fences.